Brand Concept :

The brand that is more competent.

Positioning Statement
Sagar strives to enhance the customer's lifestyle with its intelligent features, sensitive functionality, and exceptional performance.
Choosing Sagar is a form of self-expression and self-satisfaction. Our customers will take pride in owning the amazing product and take comfort in knowing that they made a smart and more informed decision.

Brand Platform
The Sagar brand is the combination of four basic elements: The Vision, The Quality, The Unique Manner and The Benefit.

Slogan: Possibilities : Unlimited
This slogan provides independent and unbiased reviews about the company “Sagar Group”. This slogan defines the objective of the company of maximizing their unlimited possibilities through personal development and learning.

Sagar has focused on achieving its goal to build the "Best Brand" by focusing on its key strength -most up-to-date technology. In fact, Sagar has set an ambitious goal: to be a key brand builder of the coming era by;

- Advanced and focus business structures.

- Strengthening core competencies.

- Creating a branded corporate culture based on: Vision, Innovation, Openness, Uniqueness and Systematic.