Information Technology

Change is not always a process of improvement. Sometimes it's a process of invention. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he didn't start by trying to improve the candle. He decided that he wanted better light and went from there.

Our company philosophy has always been focusing on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. SAGAR Group carries products and services with the finest value and quality in the market. We ensure that our sales persons and customer service representatives generate enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts in addressing our customers’ expectations and needs. We are always looking for new and better ways to improve business relationships. From continuous success and hard work, we are inspired by the fact that educating the people around about “what they really need and how we can help them” with honesty & transparency is the only way to covert the vision into reality.

Esteem Trade Concern :

Located in Kathmandu, Nepal, Esteem Trade Concern is well positioned to fulfill the distribution needs of our customers, partners, and dealers across the country. With an outstanding POP in Nepal and over two decades of expertise in distribution, Esteem trade concern offers its vendors access to more than 400 Channel Partners, Dealers, and Corporate Resellers.

Esteem Trade Concern’s core competencies in distribution are excellent logistics, closely monitored inventory management, flexible, reliable, and comprehensive credit financing for customers, partners, and national channel reach.

Sagar Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 1995, Sagar Distributions is one of Nepal's largest and among top-3 IT product distributors in existence for the market. It is one of the finest wholesale distributors of technology products and services including hardware and software products. To keep up the optimal quality service, it maintains professional staffs of 100+ employees and eight sales/warehouse locations throughout Nepal and plays a crucial role in technologically advanced product supply chain. For over 20 years, Sagar Distributions has continually taken a lead role in setting new standards in the distribution of IT products, peripherals, and value-add services.

Today, Sagar Distributions carries over 8 product lines and has over 900 of the most in-demand products. Sagar Distributions’ corporate headquarters is located in Kalanki, Kathmandu and has a broad network of 300+ dealers and more than 1 million satisfied consumers. Thanks to its efficient and user-friendly business network all across the country the number of satisfied customer is only increasing. It remains committed to excel while following core attributes: quality, speed, reliability, and service.

Sagar Distributions continually aims to succeed at a meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Through its innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, and its passion for customer service, Sagar Distribution assures customers and suppliers that they have chosen the right partner to accelerate their success.

Sagar Techno Link

Over the years, Sagar Techno Link has established itself as one of the most sought-after, value-added distributors of global IT brands. Having a nationwide presence, Sagar Techno Link is a system-oriented and process-driven company. Additionally, it has an advance IT-Enabled distribution backbone, a solid financial and inventory management system, a young and dynamic sales team and a diverse and goal driven supply channel spread across the country.

Such aspects help Sagar Techno Link to deliver quality products; products that change lives of people in a positive way. Along with exceptional service, Techno Link also has an enthusiastic and  dedicated customer service that solves problems when required.

 With its headquarter located in Master Marga, Kalanki, Kathmandu, Sagar Techno Link has is growing at a rapid pace and has an ambitious blueprint for further expansion. The Company’s establishment has a sole purpose of carrying out Corporate Sales as well as Marketing and Sales of different innovative, reliable and global brand in Nepal

Sagar IT Industries

From Printers to Projectors, PABX systems to Barcode Scanners, and all product components to accessories, Sagar IT Industries is a leading IT product and peripherals importing, distribution intermediary that is continually uplifting technological advancement in Nepali market. It upholds a wide and diverse national network of over 300+ dealers, robust 24x7 logistics support, safe warehousing and an immense wealth of goodwill earned through years of ethical business practices. The company is also proud of its implementation of unparalleled network and support system that it has developed with a sole motive of providing uninterrupted service to its business people, distributors and customers. Sagar IT Industries’ long association and contribution towards Nepali marketplace empowers brands to make an informed choice in product selection, pricing and distribution strategy. In essence, Sagar IT Industries is an import company that brings the Global Brands and distributes them to National Network of Dealers all over the nation and provides local support.

e-Soft Solution

e-Soft Solutions is a very reputed name when it is about Antivirus and Security provision for Nepali Corporate houses. Focused on Network and Endpoint protection, e-Soft strives stronger yet simpler security suitable for government and private organizations. IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure. At e-Soft we know that the solution to complex problems is a simpler approach. We tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security. E-Soft Solutions started import and distribution of antivirus 15 years ago. Today our products help secure networks used by over a million people in 75 districts of the nation and 1000’s of businesses.

As technology advancement further makes life easier, it makes network and management turns into a hassle but not with e-Soft. We know that a proper security strategy must include networks, servers and devices—all devices—managed easily, securely and should be transparent.

Our products ensure total end point security of your network; from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices. Moreover, securing these devices is made possible through products that fit your precise needs. We ensure your network’s security by providing the one thing no one else can: Simplicity and Usability.

Brother Service Center Nepal

Brother Service Centre Nepal has been established with the motive of providing support to Brother Products including Laser Printers, Laser Multifunction Machines, Heavy Duty Commercial Photo Copiers and all other products of Brother brand. Brother Service Centres, located at Lainchaur and Kalanki provides services like repair, warranty-claim, servicing, maintenance and support. Brother Service provides supports in following ways:

1. Online Support

2. Phone Support

3. Field Support

4. On Call Support

5. Inside Support

Kaspersky Support Center

Kaspersky is one of the world’s fastest-growing cyber-security companies and the largest one that is privately owned. With a holding registered in the United Kingdom, it operates in 200 countries and territories and has 37 offices in 32 countries. Kaspersky takes security very seriously, and at the moment, it has a combined total of 3,900 highly-qualified specialists all working to deliver security at its best.

Because it is privately owned, Kaspersky is independent and therefore more agile. All of these aspects allow Kaspersky to think differently and act faster. It is forever innovating, delivering protection that’s effective, usable and accessible. Moreover, it focuses on providing maximum security from existing threats and discovering new ones. This allows Kaspersky to provide security against new threats before it reaches customers.

 It always focuses on developing world-leading security that keeps itself – and every one of its 400+ million users protected by its technologies and 270,000 corporate clients – one step ahead of potential threats.

“We believe that everyone – from home computer users through to large corporations and governments – should be able to protect what matters to them most. Whether its privacy, family, finances, customers, business success or critical infrastructure, we've made it our mission to secure it all. We succeed in this by delivering security expertise, working closely with international organizations and law enforcement agencies to fight cybercriminals, as well as developing technologies, solutions, and services that help you stay safe from all the cyberthreats out there."
Words from Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky

Endpoint security has always been the core of Kaspersky’s business ethics, especially in the small-to-medium-sized business segment. At the same time, over the next few years, it expects one of its main growth drivers to be in the enterprise market, particularly in the non-endpoint security area. With the advancement in technology, customer’s needs change over time as new technologies bring along new and unknown threats. Therefore, it is constantly expanding its enterprise portfolio with security solutions and services strengthened by Kaspersky Lab’s global cybersecurity intelligence.

Baleyo Nepal Support Center

Baleyo Service Centre Nepal offers support to the products of the brands NEC, Zebex, Totolink, Sewoo, Apacer Mitsubishi and Xlab. In other words, Baleyo Service Centre Nepal provides services for the products that Baleyo Enterprises has introduced to the Nepali market so far. Baleyo Service Centre is located at Lainchaur, Kathmandu and it mainly looks after repairs, maintenance, warranty-claims, Servicing and Support of the products Baleyo Enterprises is all about. The types of Services provided by Baleyo Service Centre are:

1. Online Support: For any queries related to products.

2. Phone Support: For any queries related to products. Guidance by expert staffs on operating products or support in case of any minor inconvenience caused.

3. Field Support: Visit customer’s residence (or office) for repairs and maintenance.

4. On-Call Support: On spot support in case of emergency.

5. Inside Support: Advance Inside Support ensures optimum customer satisfaction.