Marketing Manager

Kathmandu, Nepal

Detail Information:

Job Description :

  • Develops a pricing strategy that maximizes profits and market share but considers customer satisfaction.

  • Identifys new customer 

  • Supports sales and lead generation efforts.

  • Assists in Understanding and developing budgets, including expenditures, research and development appropriations, return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.

  • Coordinates on Developing and managing advertising campaigns.

  • Coordinates on Organizing company conferences, trade shows, and major events.

  • Assists in building brand awareness and positioning.

  • Coordinates in Evaluating and maintaining a marketing strategy.

  • Coordinates in Planning and coordinating marketing efforts.

  • Coordinates on developing each marketing campaign.

  • Researches demand for the organization's products and services.

  • Evaluates competitors, Research & prepare Competitive analysis

  • Coordinates with Digital Marketing team for social media, public relation efforts, and content marketing.

  • Guides and monitors the subordinate task following up on work results

Job Specification :     

  • Should have depth knowledge on 7 Ps of marketing    

  • Should have experience on working with Creative designing team and good in designing Concept    

  • Have good Knowledge of creative Design    

  • Proven track record of success in marketing roles.    

  • Confident, driven and dynamic leader.    

  • Self-Motivated    

  • Budget management Skills    

  • Effective time-management and multitasking skills    

  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills    


Benefits after 6 Months

Upto 10 Days Company Closed Day in a Year as per Company Calendar

60 Days Maternity Leave, 15 Days Paternity Leave, 13 Days Obsequies / Mourning Leave

6 Days Examination Leave

1 Day Each Month Menstrual Leave,  2 Days Cultural Festival Leave,  6 Days Sick Leave, 6 Days Force/ Rest/ Vacation Leave, 12 Days Casual Leave

  Benefits after 1 Year

10% Profit Bonus Share to each Staff every year after fiscal year financial audit