Message From Chairman:

  • message from chairman

    Sagar Dev Lakhe 
    Chairman & Founder 
    Sagar Group

  • Dear All,

    Warm Greetings from Sagar Group!

    We, SAGAR Group started small as an institute, SCI - Sagar Computer Institute in 1995 at Banepa , Kavre with minimal manpower and funds, at present date , only two decades later  SAGAR has grown to become one of the Top 3-IT Distribution Companies of the nation. It has now earned its recognition not only as one of the largest computer/parts distributor in the nation but also as an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. With our headquarter located at the heart of the capital of Nepal -Kalanki, Kathmandu, we have and will continue expanding our efficient and user friendly business network all across the country. We are constantly evolving to be better, Sagar Group has expanded its franchise in the fields of Information Technology, IT-Retail Stores, Finance and Investment, Wellness and Hospitality, Media & Event with its outstanding 14 companies in its network.

    Sagar Group is a striving company with clear visions. Teamed with successful, ambitious people who can give vision both to the business and to themselves; and who can go hand-in-hand. Group success won by raising the performance of the system automatically increases the chance of success for the groups’ associates as well.

    For us, Our Company is our life and we see ourselves as company's soul. We cannot compromise for our whole life and betray our soul for short term gain. Hence, Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility and Consciousness are the uncompromised philosophy of our company.

    Integrity and Sincerity are the two ethics on which all of our business dealings depend , it means everything to us. We have an oath "Telling truth is the ultimate selling tool". So, obviously this path could be slow for sales, but we dont need any urgent agenda and target against our ethics and emotion of human beings.

    We are not everything and we cannot do everything, but  we make sure of the things  we do has an positive impact on  people's lives and society. We are an  optimistic team who have one world one goal i.e. POSSIBILITIES: UNLIMITED. . This is me, Sagar Dev Lakhe, a chairman of what was once a small business that has become the national powerhouse that it is today!

    We look ahead for your valuable support.

Message From Managing Director:

  • vision

    Basu Dev Lakhe 
    Managing Director

  • Our company philosophy has always been focusing on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. SAGAR Group carries products and services with the finest value and quality in the market. We ensure that our sales persons and customer service representatives generate enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts in addressing our customers' expectations and needs. These people are trained to be open and honest with you. We are always looking for new and better ways to improve our business relationships. With continuous success and hard work, our vision is coming into reality!

    To bring the finest technology and services to the technological community, and to our partners.

    We hold strong value in business and fully respect our customers, associates, manufacturers and community. Our chain of business links creates an effective and on-time decision-making process.

    Our diversity and unity brings creativity to our relationships within the company, and with our respected customers.

    We bring to you the highest ethical standards. Always!

    Starting from stateless desktop computer, we provide high-performance servers for entire computing grids including most demanding accessories.

    We believe: “Success is sure but you need to have one successful system”, our customers say “We have the successful system, so definitely we will get success.”

Words From CEO:

  • general manager

    Buddha Laxmi Manandhar 

  • Welcome to Sagar Group!

    Much has happened at Sagar Group since our establishment, including the bushing out of 13 sub companies in various sectors, Sagar group is at present a reputed name in the world of IT distribution companies of Nepal. We anticipate that our group of companies will become a landmark for innovation, growth and   conveyance of quality service and products in Nepal for many years to come.

    In our over 20 years in Nepal, we have earned a great degree of loyalty and trust from the business community. We truly appreciate your support and pledge a commitment to continuing our service , support and providing you outstanding products as a whole. We are highly engrossed   in bringing the best and finest IT products to the hands of Nepali consumers according to their needs .We believe in mutual respect and trust between people inside our company walls and beyond through which we can create a never ending relationship with our clients, customers, partners and coworkers.

    We look forward to an exciting and busy end to 2017 and wish a prosperous period for all.

 Words From Director:

  • Director

    Punya Laxmi Manandhar 

  • Today, Sagar Group is a leading and progressive IT Distribution company that has grown incredibly in its relatively short history. As a dynamic and people oriented company, we take pride in serving our business partners, clients, and customers with the highest standards in quality, genuineness, and price for IT products. Being the Director at Sagar Group, I want to share this story of how I started from the bottom to become the Director of the key IT traders in the Nepali market.

    From a ripe age, I started to develop an interest in business and was fascinated with how businesses operate, survive, and sustain their lifecycle. Growing up in Banepa, I realized that business opportunities were available at large that would not only help the community but the local economy as well.

    Working at Sagar has been quite a journey for me. I started as an Account Assistant here at 2009, I am working as an Director now. I ensure you Sagar Group is the right place for an individual to grow as a person and as a professional .Working as an Account Assistant was one of the most resourceful experiences in my life where I believe my perspective and perception matured a lot. After completing a year in the same position, I moved to Customer Support Department, where I got to learn more about what Nepali customers need and what kind of products work best for them. Later, I got promoted to a product manager where I incorporated my past experience and knowledge. I am working as an Director now.

     I have seen Sagar Group grow to a large scale business, excelling in IT product distribution and trading. It is the quality control aspects of Sagar Group that have made it such a huge success among local customers. One notion that I always had faith in was:

    ““ If it is something I would buy, then it is something I would sell ""

    Embedding this concept in all aspects of the business has enabled Sagar Group to offer the leading range of IT products and service in Nepal. As a Director, I take the responsibility for keeping  track of the quality of products and services, brands, and the ongoing price of those goods that helps in determining the best source for acquiring goods.

     I am proud to claim that the entire staff at Sagar Group is dedicated to improving the quality of service and product as well as creating a positive working environment. We redefine working as a team with our collaboration on making each business process as optimal as possible.

    The end result is top quality IT products and services at affordable prices that comprise of innovative and technologically advance features.